In 1942, North Park Church and Third Reformed Church agreed to establish and support a Sunday School program that would meet at the Alamo Avenue School.

The Westwood neighborhood was growing quickly, a lot of houses were being built, but no neighborhood churches. The Sunday School program was doing well and a decision was made to turn it into a church. In the fall of 1946, North Park and Third Reformed purchased two lots that bordered Fletcher Avenue, Althea Street and Jenks Boulevard.

On October 2, 1947 the name Hope Reformed Church was chosen, officers were elected to serve and 74 people became charter members of Hope Reformed Church.

The first major renovation came in 1960 when the new, main sanctuary was built and services moved from the existing chapel. (Stay tuned for pictures).

The most recent reconstruction took place in 1997/1998 with the restructuring of the entrances and parking plus the addition of the administration wing, social hall, kitchen, library, offices and the children’s education center. You can see a sample in the slide show below.