We hope that every visitor to Hope Reformed church describes their worship experience with us as welcoming, inclusive and vibrant. A visitor to our church will experience a warm welcome from the minute he/she walks through the door. Being a modest-sized congregation, members quickly recognize new faces and are eager to show them that their presence is valued.

Ushers are available to help find an open seat next to a friendly face. The sanctuary is simple but lovely with artful stained glass windows and liturgical banners in place to visually invite everyone to worship.


The service itself is a blend of traditional and contemporary, thoughtfully planned to help point the congregation to a cohesive biblical truth. Services encourage active participation through song and prayer. Our services are not led by the pastor alone. Often many members of the congregation are involved with leading different aspects of the service prayers, scripture reading, leading the children’s message or giving announcements.  Active participation by all ages enriches the worship experience for the whole community.


The sermon or teaching is typically led by the pastor and is practical and grounded in God’s Word. Prayer and confession are a central part of every service as well. After the service, there is a time of warm fellowship with coffee and cookies. During this time, members will seek out visitors in order to show love and sincere interest in learning more about him/her with an invitation to return.  We wish for everyone to walk away feeling welcomed, encouraged in the faith, valued, and hopefully inspired to worship with us again.




Everyone is invited to attend our services.