The role of the Mission Committee is to initiate and promote all activities pertaining to missions including contacting missionaries and mission causes that receive our support.

Mission of the Month for 2017:

Mission of the Month offerings are collected on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Each fall, the Mission Committee meets to discuss which mission organizations will receive offerings for the mission of the month.

December: Bethany Christian Services

January: Kevin Clouse

February: Chris and Angie Walker

March: Mission Opportunity Fund

April: Wycliff Bible Translators

May: Youth for Christ

June: Camp Geneva

July: Kalamazoo Gospel Mission

August: India Rural Evangelical Fellowship (IREF)

September: Kalamazoo Christian Schools

October: Alternatives of Kalamazoo/Open Door Ministries

Annual Missions for 2017:

Annual Missionaries are supported through as part of our annual budget.

Bronco Ministry (Rev. Ron DeYoung and Rev. Laura Osborne)

Forefront Ministries

Intervarsity at WMU (Rev. Bette Dickinson)

RCA Missionary to Israel and Palestine (Josh Vis)


McAuley Replacement

Western Theological Seminary

Words of Hope